🏰 4 Easy Steps to Monetize Clash Royal with Physical Collectibles
With a number of very successful titles such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day, Supercell has mastered mobile games that players enjoy for years! Game studio have 
re-defined engaging gameplay and is proof that player attention span is longer than ever, provided they have the right cards (pun intended). But can this game become in more extra?
There is a motivation behind everything players do. It's called an Octalysis gamification framework and is helping game developers analyze their games and add missing ingredients in the gameplay or game story-line. From a gamification framework point of view, Clash Royale has nailed down:
Scarcity with torture breaks while cards reload, dangling opponent level scores. And torture breaks just makes some players sink their teeth deeper into the gameplay and play more to get better and upgrade their deck. 
Accomplishement - like star levels only available to elite players. Those same players who are motivated by torture breaks will be the ones most eager to be in the very sacred elite player groups. They will climb (or buy they way trough) ranks. Leader, elder, a member with leader and elder being coveted titles for only the best, most accomplished players.
Other framework points include social influence with joining and creating clans with friends, ownership with card collections and upgrades as well as meaning with elite player bonuses.
After several years of engrossing gameplay, what could Clash Royale add? One idea could be physical game collectibles. In a mobile gaming world where digital rewards are forgotten within seconds, rewarding players with unlockable, real-world game collectibles will provide extraordinary player experiences.


1️⃣ What is it that triggers players to take action?

The beginning is getting players to download the game, go through a lengthy tutorial and then open it again. And again for 3 years in a row. Seems like Clash Royale got that part down. But that's not all there is to it.

Motivation hides in being able to surprise players again and again. Easter Eggs hidden along the game storyline would keep players on their toes, like, unlocking surprise decals after tutorial

Battle deck, Emote deck and Swag deck - a new addition where unlocked un still locked collectibles are seen. Dangling yet unattained in front of players increases the chances of them coming back to claim what's rightfully theirs. As well as Chatbot unobtrusively reminding players about surprises around every corner. 

2⃣ Torturing players is actually a great motivation to continue playing the game 

Games with high Scarcity (and Impatience) and Accomplishement points mean delicious ways to torture players some more, driving their motivation to play and win through roof. 

Scarcity works wonders with status, rewards, and exclusivity. Epic Meaning, one of the hardest drives, is when sincere passion towards a higher vision is demonstrated. Impatience motivates players simply because they are either unable to obtain something immediately, or because there is great difficulty in obtaining it.

3⃣ But even the most frustrating games rewards players!

Time and skill spent playing game should be rewarded with exceptional rewards. The more frustrating is the game, the sweeter rewards may seem. Each level and player standing in Clash Royale hierarchy can be rewarded with physical collectibles. Like, unlocking exclusive, one event only decals.

Or how cool it would be to collect exclusive Clash Royale hats for all arenas unlocked. It's better and more realistic than collecting Starbucks mugs. Throwing some limited edition t-shirts to first 10,000 running month unlocking one or another arena.  And holy grail of them all - getting all collectibles and being etched on Clash Royale wall of fame when becoming an Ultimate Champion

4⃣ All this is great but… What's next?

Step up the game and include brand sponsored rewards - the ultimate proof of Battle Royal gameplay! For example, cooperation with a soft drink like Fanta - funky and funny, colorful chaos in a bottle, perfectly suited with Clash Royale audience and game storyline.