Worship Sharing for Friends of Color - Queries
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10/19/2021 Queries from Nathan and Raven Moon

We have become “Americanized” in so many different ways, including through enslavement, coercion and choice. On these journeys, pieces of our cultural identities have been stolen, lost, and even purposefully abandoned. This includes our names and histories, flavors
and recipes, clothing and rituals. What pieces of your essential self feel missing? What have you worked to reclaim? What is different in your life or inside of you when you take back a piece of your identity? What else is rising for you today?

10/12/2021 Queries from Zae Illo 

"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19, RSV

"...In order to be true to God and to ourselves we must break with the familiar, established and secure norms and go off into the unknown.”

(Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer, Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., Image Books, 1971)


1) What does the “new thing” of worship informed by our persons of color look and sound like? Does Ujima give us a foreshadowing? 
2) Are there parts of yourself that are not welcome among Friends (food, music, etc)?
3) What might happen when we begin to break the “new” in among wider Friends? 

For example, Jesus “broke” with traditional interpretations of Judaism but taught in synagogues and dressed rather conservatively.

Matthew 14:6 and Luke 8:44 report Jesus as wearing tzitzit or tassels on his clothes.  These were tassels worn by pious Jews to remind them of their relationship with God.  

Yeshua (Jesus) brought a “new thing,” a new culture, without totally rejecting his tradition.  

What is our work now to prepare the way for a “Kingdom of heaven” of many colors?

10/5/2021 Queries from Ernie Buscemi 

As I mature with each pasting day, I discover in me a sense of letting go of the (Who is?----What ifs?----Who can?....... and the list continues.  With each pasting day instead, I'm looking within to a deeper Authority which continues to ground me in this life to do the work I'm called to do.
                                               -Ernie Buscemi Journal entry  5/03/96


1.  Where do you receive the strength to continue you peace and justice work?

2.  How does your sense of authority and integrity go hand and hand?

3.  Are we each preparing ourselves for a more integrate way of working within the Religious Society of Friends and beyond as we stretch and grow in this our community of color?

4.  What's rising in your life and heart, right now?  

9/28/2021 Queries from Lori Patterson

The only money the government can find for Black/Brown folx is for planes to deport them when they are seeking sanctuary, desperate to live. People in the US are more concerned with missing white girl syndrome than anguished immigrants. What kind of spirit participates in this kind of inhumane treatment?

It’s times like these that question and test my faith in humanity. I’ve heard some white folx say they can’t imagine what the immigrants at the border are going through. This is a huge problem. No imagination. For historically underrepresented groups, our imagination,
our ability to dream is a large part of our faith. 

The problem is that white people are so comfortable they have no imagination of suffering. If this is true what then can we say about their faith?