Workflows feature in Version Control
“Workflows” is a powerful feature part of the Version Control system in Connecter offering аn asset production tracking functionality that comes with customizable statuses and team members’ comments.
Each team workspace can have its own specific one or multiple workflows with each workflow containing a list of custom statuses. 

Setting up Workflows for your team

To enable Workflows for a particular workspace, the Version Control feature must be set up first. See the “How to enable Version Control” guide. Once the Version Control is active for the workspace, workflows can be added from the “WORKFLOWS” tab in the Team Portal.
Once the Workflows feature is enabled, all workflows and statuses that are set up for the workspace are listed in the Workflows tab within the Productivity tab: 

How workflow statuses work

Workflows statuses work with versioned assets only so it’s not possible to add a status to a non-versioned asset. When a status is added to a versioned asset it is related to the concrete current version of the asset and not to the asset as a whole. This means that when a new version of the asset is added to the Version Control that version has its own new statuses while any previously added statuses will remain linked to the respective previous versions.   
When an asset has one or more workflow statuses added a horizontal color strip displays on the asset item in the asset view. A similar color strip is also available in the Version Control Details interface:

Using workflow statuses

Adding or updating workflow statuses on assets in Connecter is easy and can be done in multiple ways. 
One way to update workflow statuses is from the asset contextual menu > Workflows:
Another way to add or change statuses is by a simple drag&drop interaction that works on both single and multi selections:
Workflows can also be accessed from the Version Control Details interface:
When a non-versioned asset is being dragged and dropped on a workflow status, the “Add to Version Control” interface shows up with the dragged-on status already selected to streamline the process:

Using multiple workflows

Each workspace can have multiple workflows to suit different production pipelines. So any versioned asset can also have multiple statuses - that is one status from each workflow.  

Using comments

In addition to the statuses, the artist and other team members can leave comments to add more context to the production processes. Comments along with the status workflows are available within the same Workflows interface accessible through the asset contextual menu or the Version Control Details interface. Comments can be added at any time independently or while adding or changing workflows statuses. 
There is a 15-minutes time frame after adding a new comment in which the comment can be edited for typos or other adjustments. 
Same as with the workflows statuses comments are explicitly linked to the concrete asset version they are added for. 

Navigating workflows and statuses

Navigating workflows statuses is pretty straightforward. The assets view shows all assets associated with one or multiple selected statuses.  

Workflows activity

The Activity feature provides information for all workflow statuses and comments updates for the selected asset’s version.