WordPress Workshop for Kids - organiser kit
Hello! This is an instruction manual for WordCamp organisers who would like to do a kids workshop during their event. Kids workshops have already been organised around WordCamp Miami, WordCamp Bangkok, WordCamp Belgrade and more will be organized in 2017 in Sofia, Varna, Zagreb and Milano. This organiser kit is prepared for you by Petya Raykovska (@petyeah on twitter, @petya on WP Slack if you need to reach me) and contributed to by everyone who’d like to take part. It’s based on the workshops organized in Bangkok, Belgrade and Sofia. 

Why organise a workshop for kids?

  • To train the next generation of WordPress superusers or/and developers
  • To educate young people on the proper ways to use the web
  • Writing for the web
  • Using content from the web
  • Creating quality content and content that matters
  • To have fun exploring how kids approach their own web space and think about creating content
  • To do real time usability testing on the software and then help improve WordPress based on it

What you need for the workshop


  • Practice shows that the workshop is most suitable for kids between the age of 9 and 15. However the several workshops we have ran have also included kids at the age of 7 and they did great 😃 
  • The workshops will work best for kids who are somewhat familiar with working online (practically everyone these days) and know how to use a browser
  • Sign up for the workshop should happen through the WordCamp website by setting up a separate workshop ticket (all have been free so far) or a sign up form on the page describing the workshop


  • Practice has shown that the best outcome for the kids happens when there is at least one volunteer per 2 kids to help out and guide them through the processes. 
  • Volunteers don’t need to be technical people, but a minimum experience with WordPress is recommended
  • Volunteers don’t need to prepare in advance, but it helps if they go and run through the setup process of WordPress prior to the workshop

Location requirements

  • Power
  • Projector and laptop for the presenter
  • Stable internet connection
  • Comfortable places to sit and work - desks or a more informal setup
  • Computer equipment (optional, but sometimes it helps when the space provides laptops for children who don’t have them)
  • Paper/notebooks 
  • Pens/Pencils


  • Swag is not required to host a good workshop, but it helps when kids get rewarded for the work they have done.
  • Stickers make great small rewards, as well as t-shirts, pins or any other visually appealing small objects that you have handy. 
  • Prepare the swag in collaboration with the WordCamp organisers - for example ask them to get you some of the official WordCamp Swag or if you’re planning the workshop with enough head time, maybe order some t-shirts for the kids and ask about sizes in the registration form.
  • The workshop can get better and with better swag if it gets a separate sponsor as well.


  • Scenario for the day (see below)
  • Basic knowledge of setting up a site on WordPress 

A Hosting Partner

There are several Global sponsors who have offered their hosting to be used for KidsCamps. Each one has a little bit different of a process and timeframe for the free account. 

You will find a list with the hosting options here and should adapt your process based on what decision you make. 

Organisers tasks:

  1. Pitch the workshop to your team - get buy in from your whole team, you’ll need the support of the volunteer team, communication and marketing team and potentially the sponsors team
  1. Find a location