How to survive in Developer Marketing 

I'm really tired because because last night I can't sorry
nifty carissima kitanica
working for software developer relations making a role for more than 10 years and currently working at the river Marketing Team on Google Play
she started her career as an engineer and working for industry in Japan more than 15 years and it's evil mother of 3 promo code
ok thank you thank you very much hi everyone
hi thank you I'll my previous video to be here today my name is tomoko Tanaka working at Google please your team in Tokyo as a developer marketing manager so today I will talk about how to survive and add value as the Ripper marketing in Japan
Michael my Talk I'll titles as how to survive but I think many people here have interest about the Ripper marketing and it's awareness is getting so I changed my mind to talk to talk about adding value for so based on my experience for more than 10 years I think I'm walking in the bell order report marketing offers a chance to establish a very specialised skills
what do you need to start my challenge back in 2008 when I applied BDM or Iberia means a business development manager by the way so open partition of India Japan so the river marketing was a kind of neat and there was not recognised as job title recently but in fact they are doing are already doing a direct marketing under different name so I was working at BT business development manager at internship but I was doing like a marketing communications or marketing or doing any better operation Sunnydale like a businessman so anyway so there are lots of people doing their marketing but it was not organised as a name of Andrew developer marketing
going back now recently I see more opportunity of Liverpool marketing so I'm so happy to be here today to present they were I can't talk you're here and share my knowledge and I hope to help to do marketers who just started jazz Johnny here in Japan to find hope get help and seek advice in moving forward is there with their careers so please talk to me after this dog for lunch time or in networking party if you have any questions I'm happy to answer
so here's the screamer so the opening this presentation on my own and down District the po My temple
I will talk about that
so this is my hard disk is agenda today so I will talk about the rapport marketing so I first photographs are you missing that director marketing is all about that or advocate or if I do it but in fact there is much more so
zopa marketing is in
count in combat everything from organising community event designing onboarding champion programme and even building relationship with counterpart at other corporations
do you remember the talk by John Britton
it was it was about damaging to the rappers
I was so impressed and I inspire the but by that dog because it
all of my experience at the Roper marketing and I will encourage you to watch
so my talk today will consist is beautiful part IV
communications this is very fundamental marketing
I will talk about gifts that you need when you want to succeed in the Ripper marketing the so do I explain about some example for how you can promise I will explain with you what you can find form job description
so put it on market
it is all about communication so that you know what kind of shopping
times of things to talk about the report but today I will focus on what and how
there are three things you need it to em I have in my eye when you talk with the Ripper
flats in 11 house
what is a preposition to Hemel help the proper sexy
what is sinks to satisfy developers news
how is you needed to use portico and eye contact with a same with developer
those are three important point you needed to care whenever you talk to the rugby so it's not for marketing is to get tracked from Arbroath bus because
universitat you know marketing is to get you know revenue or you don't make marketing is just to advertising or promotional but the rapport marketing is different
first value proposition and the group of success so before starting communication with the rubbers you should make sure that you are delivering value to the Rope so you can always ask yourself that you are talking
you buy things for the repose sexier
you are working for Pat who has a system and that the rope was a crucial part of that then you always needed to have career body profession
saw your message Barry to the workbook is it what developers care so you needed to always ask her to yours
you want
Dad if you want to that's what you are doing is now for developers but for your own company then maybe you think again and that you needed to think that what you can do for the reports
are you needed to come in to help with the wolf S2 for the future gloss
make the Ripper sexy so do you help never posted on board to your profile
how to give a boost to acquire more users
wild eyes long-term success for the Ripper's ladders on short-term success for your porch
so not only football team value for you formula
listen to developers tell I'll tell you what they want you to do
is one way to get more detailed data from developers and knowledge base by support team we also give you a great insight of the Rope
think about the way I your RDS are contact whenever they want to say something to your products
contact your support was a new contact to your social account like Twitter or Facebook do you want to say something
you are getting those information will be a great source to create knowledge base
so sober is great way to understand your audience as well