WoWonder Messenger
With WoWonder Mobile Messenger users can chat together on their mobile phones using our new application, now chat is faster, easier, and more fun !! WoWonder Messenger is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated. 

Created 06/12/2016
Latest update: 29/03/2020
By: DoughouzLight
Support Platform : 
Requirements : Version 3.0 of the Main PHP script and above

Note: For Thous who got the eligible version this version hunts you down 

1-You get 5 attempts to verify your app from your admin panel with your CodeCanyon purchase key,
if you fail You  will be blocked from using this app, and you cannot use any of our products on your mobile anymore , also your domain will be black-listed in our database where we submit this copyrights and info   each month to google, where they take actions by removing all domains from there search engine.

2-Once you try 3 attempts and you cannot verify , you should contact he support team before the last 2 attempts.

Installation Guide

1-Installing required application and files 

The installation is pretty easy, please follow the steps below:

  • WoWonder PHP Social Network Script, you can get it from Here
  • Unzip the WoWonder Messenger archive, extract it to new folder, and then open the folder.
  • In the main folder you will find the solution (Name: Wowonder Type: Microsoft Visual Studio Solution) double click on it and wait till everything is loaded.
  • In the Visual Studio menu bar go to Build > Clean Solution, click it and wait till it finish.
  • Again In the Visual Studio menu bar go to Build > Build Solution, click it and wait till it finish building your project.

1) Download Visual Studio for Windows as shown below: (For Android)
2)Select This 3 check boxes as the image bellow and then press install
for (Visual studio on Windows)

  1.  Install all Android SDKs in your system.
From your Visual studio go to Tools Tab >> Android >> SDK Manager
Select the SDK 10.0 and 9 and version 5.0 as images bellow 
And Also Download NDK’s and select the all the red frames in Tools Tab as bellow the screenshot

After you installed the SDKs in your system, you are ready to start and build your app,
Follow step 4. 

4)  Press on Build Solution Then on Clean Solution, click on it and wait till it finish.