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Letter to Phil

Wednesday - April 28, 2021 - 9:45 pm

Howdy Phil,

It was good talking to you today. I’m glad the transfer went through. I’m doing fine overall. It’s been a crazy busy end of last week and the first half this week. Our website servers went down and I spent hours trying to debug the issue. I got one half of the issue resolved but now our payment processing isn’t working properly.

Work is a bit nuts but I’m working with good guys from Portugal. It’s pretty incredible how connected the world is. We can be sitting in different rooms, in different countries, working on the same problem.

Gina is also doing well and working. Dad is well. After getting the second shot a few days ago, he felt side effects and felt sick for about one day. He’s recovered successfully.

We planted Lilac bushes, raspberry, and a willow tree in the backyard. I want to get 2 apple trees. It would be pretty sweet to have growing apples someday in the future.

Today: 56k infected, 954 dead.
Yesterday: 52k infected, 884 dead.

It looks like the infection rates and the dead rates have not gone down to smaller numbers. Infection rates hover at about 50k and deaths are at 1k per day.

It looks like Colorado’s major universities will require COVID19 vaccines for students, faculty, and staff.

Over 200 Seattle police officers quit from 2020 to today. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Most quit in order to move and find work in other states.

There’s a LOT of news every single day about some police officer screwing up. It’s happening every day. Almost feels like a planned campaign. That’s all I’m seeing on the news, it’s pretty crazy. I don’t recall seeing articles like these months ago.

Here’s the latest one: A fort worth (Texas) homeowner shot an officer that trespassed on his property in the shoulder. The officer was PLAIN CLOTHED and drove an UNMARKED car. That’s dumb as hell, especially in a state where every other homeowner has the legal means to protect their property and self.. Anyways, the homeowner will likely not be charged.

NYPD has deployed a robot dog in NY. After a huge backlash by the public, they stopped using it. It’s a creepy robot dog. It feels like the movie Terminator.

Georgia Sheriff is facing civil rights charges over use of restraint chairs for punishment. The indictment, which was filed on April 19 in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, also stated that Sheriff Hill sent a fugitive squad armed with handguns and AR-15 rifles last April to arrest a landscaper on a misdemeanor charge. The man had been embroiled in a billing dispute with a sheriff’s deputy over work that he had done for him. Smells like corruption in this case.

There’s an article from Reuters that says Russia and China are spreading disinformation to undermine trust in western vaccines. Is it believable they’d do that? Yes. But is it true? who the heck knows…

India has had 200,000 people die from COVID. The situation is dire. Oxygen supplies are critically low. Crematoriums are operating non-stop. Dead are cremated with firewood and they are running out of firewood. California is sending oxygen equipment to India.

CDC has announced that fully vaccinated people can exercise, hold small gatherings outdoors without masks.

I really doubt I’ll be able to fly to Europe / Israel this year. In the news: 49 passengers on India to Hong Kong flight tested positive for COVID. The airports are still a big problem. 

Looking back at what I wrote above, the news is depressing. That’s likely why I avoid it these days. Also, a lot of news outlets suck. Their headlines are click bait and they just want people to click on the article. The articles have a lot of opinion-written slant rather than objectivity.

That’s all the news I have for today. Stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon.