Welcome To Armory

28 E. 3rd Ave, Suite 200, San Mateo, CA 94401

We’re right in the heart of downtown San Mateo and an easy 8 min walk from the Caltrain station.

If you’re driving, there is metered parking right out front (detailed information is below)

If you are taking a Lyft/Uber, we’re right across the street from the Citibank on E 3rd Ave.  Our office is tricky to find so watch the video below.

Call or text Laurie at 650.575.4645 if you need help arriving. (Backup is DROdio at 202.250.3846)
We have a quarter jar if you need to feed a street meters

Our office is tricky to find. This 90 second video makes it easy:

Visitor Parking

  • There’s metered street parking around our office
  • Or, park in one of several nearby garages (Note: prices are for monthly passes)

  • Parking meters have 3-hour or 24-minute (loading area) limits. Most meters accept coins AND credit cards, or pay using the parking app.
  • All meter time limits will be in effect and users will not be allowed to pay beyond the time limit posted. Parking costs:
  • $1/hour on 2nd through 4th between B St. and ECR; along B Street between 2nd & 4th Ellsworth and San Mateo Drive between 2nd and 4th (orange).
  • All other meter parking is $.50/hour (green). Street meter parking parameters are 9th Avenue, El Camino Real, Tilton Avenue and Delaware Street.
  • Street parking beyond the parameter is limited to 2-hours but is at no charge 3 blocks west of ECR, south of 9th Avenue, north of Tilton Avenue, east of Delaware Street. Please note, certain streets beyond these boundaries have no-cost time limits so please take note of posted signs.
  • Free street parking can be found around central park near 7th street, just ensure you check the street signs.
  • There’s also garage parking. (sorted by shortest walk time)
  • 2nd and El Camino Link
  • Central Garage  Link (This is arguably the closest, but probably the busiest)
  • Tennis Court Garage on 5th @ San Mateo Ave. Link

Monthly Parking (for tribals)

  • If you want to park for free, and you’re ok with a 9 minute (0.4) mile walk (or a 3 minute scooter ride! 🙂 : You can park on the street in front of DROdio’s house. The address is 611 Capistrano Way, San Mateo, CA 94402. Part of the street requires permits, but the rest does not. Here’s a map — the “green” part is OK to park on; the “red” part is not:

  • Another parking option is this location: 30 E 3rd Ave to 406 E 5th Ave
They accept credit cards and our gusto commuter benefit card. It’s only 25cents an hour $2.50 for the whole day. 

  • Armory will give you up to $65/month via Gusto Commuter Benefits to pay for parking: Sign up at https://manage.gusto.com/benefits (Commuter benefits); you’ll get a debit card pre-loaded with your benefits cash (note that any additional money you add will be pre-tax deduction from your paycheck), and you can then use that to pay for the permit (see above link)
  • You will need to know your license plate number when setting up your account with San Mateo Parking.  You can list up to two license plates per permit without additional charge (so if you drive different cars regularly, you can share a single permit).
  • You are not able to pay by phone with our commuter benefit card

  • NOTE:  The commuter benefits are loaded on to the debit card on the 1st of the month; you probably need to have paid for the permit in the previous month; be prepared to pay (and expense) parking for the first month or two until you get the card loaded and ready for use on renewals.
  • Gusto can also reimburse you after the first of the month. Here’s how to do it: