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Your True Nature celebrates the wisdom of nature and how it helps students discover their own true nature and learn to find a deeper connection with all of life.  We created this special area to share the PLT and YTN partnership with great new resources and discounts on all Advice from Nature products.

YTN Standards Based Curriculum

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    “I did the character education a number of times when I would go to schools and teach a class. 
    It’s so great to be able to talk about these animals and then whip out these cards that tell about 
            them and their characteristics. I could really see the kids take ownership by doing this
                    activity and I really felt like it made them feel like they’re a part of something.” 
                                                - Margie Klein, Educator & YTN Member

PLT/YTN Correlations Spreadsheet - 6 pages

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             “It was invaluable to me! I spread the word...because all that you have listed there is                                                                 so valuable to teachers in the classroom.”
                                         - Glenda Ferguson, Teacher & YTN Member

Here’s How We Started and Our Best Advice Ever!

Advice Items to Purchase and PLT Discount

We have hundreds of our Advice items as well as new PLT partnership items. We are offering a 30% discount off of our retail prices to you as part of our Partnership. Just use the code EDUCATOR-PLTDIS  Place an online order for $30 or more and a tree gets planted for FREE adding to the 118,000 trees already planted!

YTN/PLT Partnership Items

Check back to see new partnership items as they are created!

BRAND NEW!! Advice from a Green Job Bookmarks

 I'm looking forward to getting these materials in the hands of educators attending my workshops.
   The A New Leaf books are a great companion piece for the PLT Activity Poet-Tree in the PreK-8     
      Environmental Education Activity Guide. It is a great resource for teachers to use with their 
     students to encourage creative writing in their nature journals or in their language arts class. 
                            Like I've said before - Your True Nature has some great products 
                                      that mesh well with PLT activities and our audiences.”