Week 8
Ulises Carrión was a Mexican artist who believed creating an archive of artist’s books is an act of art itself.


In class activity: Object Website

In the text The New Art of Making Books, Ulises Carrión explores what a book is. Throughout his body of work, he explored different ideas of bookmaking which took the form of videos, performances and archives, all about books and knowledge, but not in the expected format. To help us experiment with the form of a website, let’s use the browser to visualize an object. You must create your own assets for this exercise, however, you’re able to start with found images. If you begin with a found image, you must edit it or alter it in a meaningful way, or the source of it must be meaningful itself: https://craigslistmirrors.com/

Task 1
Create a responsive website that exemplifies a particular object. Visualize what that looks like and consider a simple interaction that can communicate this object in a way you haven’t seen before. You can use either text, imagery or a combination of both, but it must work at a variety of screen sizes (use viewport units or percentages).

Task 2
After you’ve completed the first iteration. Consider an alternate way of seeing the same object. Create a second website that visualizes the same object in an entirely different way utilizing different design strategies to highlight something about it. For example, if you did an illustration in the first one, do a photograph or a video, or a pattern…etc.



A lot can be achieved with a scanner, here are some examples of using a scan to create graphic or texture:



Review & Technical Requirements