Week 6: Project 2 – Counterculture Publication


Opportunity for video art submission:
Deadline: 10/28/19
Prompt: Video object (video as object)
Entries under 2min (more info on submit page)



publishing/programming initiative that inspires conversations around LGBTQ communities. Projects explore different executions of failure (personal, public, political).


Computer Lib/Dream Machine, Ted Nelson (1974)


Whole Earth Catalog (1968) – Stewart Brand

A publication composed of product listings, how-to-diagrams, and education ephemera for the back-to-the-land movement. All of the items inside are intended to be useful in a DIY living environment.

Steve Jobs described the “Whole Earth Catalog” as “Google in paperback form, thirty-five years before Google came along.” at Stanford’s 2005 commencement address.

The New Woman’s Survival Catalog – Kirsten Grimstad and Susan Rennie (1973)

Inspired by Whole Earth Catalog, The New Woman’s Survival Catalog maps network of Feminist alternative culture activity.

Whole Cosmep Catalog – Dick Higgins (1973)


Maximumrocknroll (1982 – 2019)


Apricots from the Damascus Room Issue 06 – Atif Akin (2015)