Week 5 Notes

P1 Exhibition Critique

If you’re the first responder you respond to the project first. If you’re the notetaker, you’ll take notes during that person’s critique. Leave the notes on this document.

Eric (first responder: Shreya, notetaker: Pauline)
Shreya (first responder: Pauline, notetaker: Kyndall)
Pauline (first responder: Kyndall, notetaker: Conor)
Kyndall (first responder: Conor, notetaker: Fred)
Conor (first responder: Fred, notetaker: Alex)
Fred (first responder: Alex, notetaker: Matt)
Alex (first responder: Matt, notetaker: Kyle)
Matt (first responder: Kyle, notetaker: Byron)
Kyle (first responder: Byron, notetaker: Ed)
Byron (first responder: Ed, notetaker: Kevin)
Ed (first responder: Kevin, notetaker: Eric)
Kevin (first responder: Eric, notetaker: Shreya)


Notetakers, take notes here:

-communicating the man’s thoughts from the interview
-controversial person in china for things he did that upset the government officials
  • --he is banned from china and is making art and design in the US
-technology as very rigid while art is much more open and contains a lot of freedom
  • -- will artists still be able to be creative with the overwhelming technology
-why did you choose him for this project? after knowing his bground
  • --interesting contrast between him and the future and the thinking behind his ideas
  • --unsure of the connection between this man and what his background is (he has a huge negative connotation and this causes ambiguity since it’s just an excerpt of his interview)
-making a new project based on inspirations behind what he is saying?
-artistic statement about a scandal is interesting, but it might not be pushed the right way
-using the particular footage might not be appropriate
  • --should be conscienscious of how it is used 
  • Open-ended feeling + level of mystery is interesting
  • Inspired by evolution + Darwinism
  • Future of art lies in hidden frequencies that humans cannot perceive yet
  • Doors = dimensions / gateways
  • may have been more effective to have doors represent each dimension in some way - ex: showing a 1-dimension door, a 2-D door, etc. rather than flipping between door and text
  • Info cards may not be “present” enough - may have been quicker + more effective to integrate them with first image that you see - information of the door feels lost when dimension name/icon appears
  • Good timing of text inserts
  • Typeface is formally interesting and expressive, but would also be nice to have a more conceptually intentional font - could also have more contrast between the two fonts - make type more legible
  • Overall: Concept is interesting, but could use some more consideration of graphics and typography