Week 5 Animation Part 2

Exporting Videos

We need the videos to be saved in an mp4 format at the smallest file size without losing quality.

After Effects

Export the video from after effects by going to “Composition / Add to Render Queue”

hit ok and save it somewhere.

Once you have that .mov file, open up Adobe Media Encoder and drag the .mov file into it.

Exporting Videos in Media Encoder
Once you’re in media encoder use the following settings:

Format: h.264
Preset: Twitter 1080 Full HD
Select: “Match source” under video
Unselect “Export Audio” if you don’t have audio
Select “Use Maximum Render Quality”
Hit Ok


Celeb Video Reviews

Export your videos as .mp4 and create a folder with your name on it in our drive.


Alternate Graphic Design History


Project Amendment

Create two versions of your poster – one with type and one without. You’ll have most of class to work on this!


Animated Poster Examples