Week 5
Jodi Art Collective

Form Art, Alexei Shulgin

Area Research, Carlos Katastrofsky

Neighborhood Research Carlos Katastrofsky

My Boyfriend Came Back from the War, Olia Lialina

Transaction Activity

Now that we’ve created a functional prototype of our transaction, let’s test them out.

  1. Pair assignments: Demi & Nico, Verity & Yuzheng, McKayla & Alicia, Ellie & Simon, Shreya & Trevor, Olivia & Haoyu, Natashia & Jacqueline, Esther & Cindy, Arani & Honglin
  1. Create a google doc. (or add to the one you already created to turn the assignment in) Put your prototype link at the top as well as these questions (cut and paste) and save this in the Week 5 google drive
  1. If you can, preview your designs on your device, otherwise preview them in the browser. Share your prototype with your partner without explaining too much about it.
  1. Invite your user tester to your google doc and have them answer the questions directly on the google doc.

For the User Tester
  1. What transaction is this a prototype for?
  1. What is the first thing you’re inspired to do when you load up the prototype? Why do you feel that way?
  1. Do you understand how to complete this transaction? Are the steps logical?
  1. Are any features or steps missing?
  1. How does this prototype compare to other instances of the same transaction you’ve encountered online?
  1. Does the prototype introduce a consistent graphic system that feels clear without being overly designed? How can it feel a little tighter?
  1. Are any of the design features distracting, out of place, or unnecessary?
  1. Are all of the designed elements treated consistently throughout the experience (buttons, images, links, etc.)
  1. Does the scale of the design feel appropriate to the device?
  1. What, if anything, would make this easier to use and understand?
  1. What kind of navigation is involved in this prototype? Is it clear? Why or why not.
  1. How would you imagine a second round of this prototype evolving?
  1. Any final thoughts or comments?

For the Designer
  1. What did you gather from the peer review? What, if anything, would you adjust in your design?
  1. What did you take away from this exercise?