Week 4 – Editing and Assembling

New Module Reveal

Look here
Note on the inline image module:
Use a text block and the following tag. The media item can be found in the top left corner of the media item’s post (click on media)

Modules were selected based on versatility, usability, and if they supported our visual system. If your requested module was not chosen, that means you need to revise your design using modules that we have. This is the final selection. Please do not use modules incorrectly (for example, our regular body copy should always be text, not an image. If your design isn’t working, it’s up to the design team to find a solution that does work within the system)


Design Teams

Each team is responsible for helping each other out as well as completing the cluster assignment. Three students have been selected as art directors for their helpful comments during class discussion and progress on the project. Art directors are responsible for leading the team, managing the work (and dividing it amongst team members), proposing changes to posts that have opportunities for improvement, and maintaining communication between members and myself. Everyone is equally important and should work to help each other out. The art director will help make sure the work gets completed on time and in the highest possible quality.

The cluster assignments have a required check in on Wednesday morning (11am). Please work together to figure out the division of work.

For those of you assigned a new page (clusters 1 and 3), the art director has been granted editing privileges and will go into “pages / create new page.”

Cluster 1

Assignment: Process page
The process section will be a page that has two views (teacher, student). Your team is assigned the “student” section. Here you will summarize the experience of working on this project from start to finish. You can use any of the modules 

Trudy Art Director

Cluster 2

Assignment: Social Media Templates
We need to develop social media templates (1200 x 1200 px and 1080 x 1920 for stories). Create a few options: 1 – homepage view/spirit of website 2 – template that has consistent type, but content is different (so each student can place one of their assets in it) 3 – something else.

Chris Art Director

Cluster 3

Assignment: Participants page
The participants page will be an index of all the participants of the site (our class). Consider how to highlight each member – is it just a list? Will it link to our personal sites? Will there be additional info (date of birth? role in class? bio?). You can use any of the modules.

Scarlet Art Director