Week 4


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Projection (Animation/Movie)
Kevin wang

Interactive Website

P1 Exhibition Group Activity

1: Matt, Kyndall, Alex
2: Byron*, Fred*, Kyle*
3: Shreya, Ed, Eric
4: Conor, Kevin, Pauline

  1. Present your projects to your group and have a discussion around it.
  1. Once you’ve talked about the project in person, cut and paste the below questions into a google doc/paper document. Have your group members answer the questions directly on the document. When I meet with you, I’d like to see their written feedback.

  1. In 1 sentence, how would you describe this project’s overarching concept?
  1. How does the project’s execution reinforce the concept?
  1. Does the project pose any questions about art or design?
  1. What kind of art direction is utilized in this project? Does it feel appropriate to the project? Why or why not?
  1. Analyze the formal graphic design qualities about the project (consistency, typography, layout, colors). What is working? Why is it working? What could be improved?
  1. At the current state, does the project feel impactful? Why or why not?
  1. How can the designer continue to refine the project?
  1. At the current state, what is most memorable about the project?


Type in Motion, Part 3

Now that everyone has developed their own poster for the event, let’s try working within one system. First, we’ll select one poster that will inform the creative direction of the series. Then, we’ll all create a version within that system. To achieve this, we’ll use the art direction and typography of the first poster, and each student will create another poster using the same graphic treatment that feels part of the same system but memorable and different. Let’s see how much variety we can get.

  1. Vote for your top two posters. Your vote should reflect which posters you can imagine being strongest as a system and have the most compelling graphic identity. Please note: if your poster is not chosen, it doesn’t mean it’s bad!
  1. The designer of the chosen poster will share his/her type system and color swatches with the class.
  1. Black and white scheme
  1. Create your own poster that feels like it’s part of the same system as the original, but different. (Hypothetical situation: imagine that the chosen poster was selected as the identity for the event and now we need to create assets to promote the event meaningfully. Each of our versions will be shared on a different day)