Week 14
So far in our project, we have our idea, a set of the main pages we’re working on, and a first pass at creative direction. Let’s take a moment and reflect on how effective our design system is by observing the strategy that goes into it and how it gets built out.

Let’s take a look at a few brands that have a strong and consistent point of view, and see how if we can figure out how they got there.

Activity 1

  1. Working independently or with a partner, pick one brand to dissect. Create a google slides or dropbox paper presentation that showcases different pieces of the brand system. Then write 5 to 10 key words that describe the brand, and finally take a stab at creating a concept statement. Remember, describe the IDEA not the literal execution and avoid ambiguous words like “clean” “simple” “modern” “beautiful” “professional.” 

Link your presentation below, we’ll look at this either next week or the end of class today:





Shreya & Arani

Activity 2

Do the same strategy we did for other brands and apply it to your work so far. What key words describe the idea of the project? Write 5-10 key words and a succinct concept statement that informs your overarching idea. Paste it below (and utilize it in your final presentation). Share your keywords and concept with your partner and evaluate if this is being communicated in your current design and content.

Project title:
Key words:
Concept statement:

Name: Ellie Plass
Project title: Renters
Key words: Helpful, Clean, Resourceful, Friendly, Nostalgic of old NYC, Intuitive
Concept statement: Renters is an app that wants to help you rent better. Find out what your landlord and broker aren’t telling you— before you sign the lease. Then, when you move out, make sure that future Renters are as informed as you were. Use it to find a home, or check your current one. 

Name: Cindy Fan
Project title: Reunite
Key words: Vacation, Friends, Schedule, Vibrant, Uplifting/Optimistic