Week 13 – Guided Workday Part 2

Final Presentation Info

For the final presentation on 12/09, each student will give a presentation that introduces your concept and ends in a demo of your app (on figma). The entire presentation should feel rehearsed and consistent. The entire deck (PDF, InVision, Google Slides) should feel like it’s in the same tone of voice and design aesthetic as your app/website. The presentation and the design of your app will be graded equally.

Guest Critic Info
Dylan Fisher will be joining us as our guest critic. Dylan is a web developer who works primarily with designers and design focused agencies. We currently run our design/development studio, Labud, together. Prior to starting Labud, Dylan was a senior developer at Linked by Air, at Noe & Associates and has worked with a variety of independent designers and studios. He also teaches the lab section of Core Interaction at Parsons in the Spring.

Example Structure for Presentation
  • Title of project (come up with a strong title that summarizes your project)
  • What is it?
  • Why did you make it?
  • What issues is it addressing?
  • What is the community that uses this like?
  • What is the design system and what is the story behind the design?
  • How does the design system get integrated into the app and beyond. Consider showing how the brand can extend past the interface of the app. Where else does it live? What does it look like in these platforms? Everyone should have at least one instance of the brand extension that makes sense with your project. You can consider: real life blocks (Kyle!), social media, club t shirts etc.
  • Demo of the app that shows the main pages as well as the code of conduct

Prototype Tips/In

  • Export your designs as jpgs/pngs from figma. Add “@2x” as a suffix
Upload these on InVision. You can just drag the files into the prototype. You can sign up for free and choose “prototype” when it asks you for the format.

You can press the letter “b” on your keyboard to build out the prototype with hotspots in InVision.


Your goal is to highlight the most exciting parts about your project and to highlight the concept and strategy behind your design. For this reason, you do not need to design the ENTIRE app. You only need to show the screens that highlight the key functions and features of your app/website.


Activity 1: Observing Student Presentations

Let’s look at a few final student presentations from previous years and talk about them. What do you think about the integration of the design to the presentation? Why did they choose to include what they chose to include?

+ a few PDFs that i’ll share


Activity 2: Check in #1

Working in small groups, share your project progress to each other and gather ideas on what to do next. Share both your app/website design as well as the presentation. Discuss what the most interesting moments in your design are and what highlights your idea most effectively. Is there anything else that can be added to help illustrate your point?

Alex & Eric
Kyle & Conor
Shreya & Pauline
Matt & Fred
Ed & Kyndall