📝 Week 13 — Final Work Day and Finishing Touches


Today is our final work session! We will review a few final considerations for your publication design, review some additional slides, and then meet in small groups and individually.

The risograph printer in Morgan Hall is unfortunately unavailable this week 😞 It is rented out by The ICA. Great resource for another project, however!  There are no ink costs but students should supply their own paper. There are plenty of scraps there for testing and Josh Zerangue can help direct students on options for buying.

Our final critique is next Monday. Please bring your completed PDF or print out to class. If you are printing your document, I will bring a saddle-stitch stapler that you can use to staple your book. For printed projects — please also submit the PDF on Canvas.

If you’re opting to resubmit work by the end of the semester, you have until 05/02. To do so, simply resubmit it on Canvas and send me one email with a list of anything you’ve changed. If you’ve re-submit work already, I’ve received it but haven’t updated your grade.

Poster Show and Tell

Print and Digital exports from last week’s in class activity

Parts of a Book

You might consider adding adding more content to your project to flesh out the story you intend to tell.

  1. A cover
  1. A spine (We won’t have this with a saddle-stitch publication)
  1. Backcover
  1. Title Page
  1. Intro text (two paragraphs or so)
  1. Table of Contents
  1. Section Dividers
  1. Page numbers / Folios
  1. Running head — a heading printed at the top of each page of a book or chapter.
  1. Images
  1. Index / Bibliography
  1. Colophon

Types of Binding Styles and Production Techniques

Not all, but a good overview here:

Review Slides

Slides from Julian Bittinier
  1. Format and Page Layouts
  1. Image and Text Layouts
  1. Section breaks and titles