Week 11
Social network examples and code of conduct/community guidelines group activity.

El Paquete / Sneakernets

El Paquete is an example of a sneakernet. Sneakernets are an informal word for sharing digital information in real life (using a hard drive, floppy disk, USB flash drive) rather than through the internet. The above is a response to the political climate in Cuba, but you can imagine creating a server for a smaller community – for example, between a group of friends where you share movies to watch.


Sneakernet – Drew Crawford


BBS (Bulletin Board System)

  • Local social networks on early web.
  • Due to time it took to get online and cost of it, it was limited to local areas
  • Frequently became a bulletin board of shared interests
  • Frequently members started meeting in person


Echo Net (East Coast Hang Out) – Stacy Horn


Trading with the Enemy

“I spent 4 years planning and eight months breeding and homing a kit of fifty pigeons to a loft I built in Key West. My goal was to prove that pigeons could make the 90-mile flight from Havana back to Key West carrying highly coveted contraband Cuban Cohiba cigars. Eleven returned.”


Are.na New York Women/Non-Binary Are.na Users


Dolphin.town – Darius Kazemi