Week 10 – P2 Critique
Kevin (first responder: Ed, notetaker: Nika Byron)
Ed (first responder: Kyle, notetaker: Matt)
Byron (first responder: Kyle, notetaker: Matt)
Kyle (first responder: Matt, notetaker: Alex)
Matt (first responder: Alex, notetaker: Fred)
Alex (first responder: Fred, notetaker: Conor)
Fred (first responder: Conor, notetaker: Kyndall)
Conor (first responder: Kyndall, notetaker: Pauline)
Kyndall (first responder: Pauline, notetaker: Nika Shreya)
Pauline (first responder: Eric, notetaker: Kevin)
Shreya (first responder: Eric, notetaker: Kevin)
Eric (first responder: Kevin, notetaker: Ed)

Notetakers, take notes here:

-Interesting addition of sound to contribute to the “hacker aesthetic”
-What is the goal of this website? What is a hacker?
-Interesting idea of “ethical hacking” and about hackers who are trying to improve the internet. Wish this was integrated more into the design and content
-Fred brought up specific example of Sony being hacked to demonstrate how easy this is and to manifest the security issues. Goal was to highlight these security issues.
-I am ready page is interesting design expooration; disconnect from homepage to “sign up” page
-Wish the first page adopted more of the second page
=Colors, type and form are inconsistent
-Maybe too many noises
-Not adding a lot int he sign up work flow
-Aesthetic feels like a connotative reference of what a hacker is that’s based on the Matirx/y2k rather than redefining it in a way that feels specific to the content
-Is the goal of the website to be satirical? Serious? Would the ethical hacking community see the image of the ominous hacker with the black hoodie in the dark room see this website and identify with it and want to partake?
-What would happen after they join?
-Arbitrary classifications for what to choose from in terms of programming skill
-Form over complicated if you’re actually interested in signing up


-Obsessed with sneaker fashion 
-”Lundmark”—commemorating moon landing?
-People authenticating sneaker resale—does this refer to bootlegging sneakers?
-Different ways of lacing sneakers, non traditional ways
-Site describes the shoes, but what about the people who wear them—the subculture?
-Some descriptions may be falling short—small captions?