Week 10
Review notetakers and first responders

Midterm Critique

If you’re the first responder you respond to the project first. If you’re the notetaker, you’ll take notes during that person’s critique. Leave the notes on this document.

  1. Ellie (first responder: Simon, notetaker: Haoyu)
  1. Simon (first responder: Haoyu, notetaker: Natashia)
  1. Cindy (first responder: Arani, notetaker: Demi)
  1. Arani (first responder: Esther, notetaker: Esther)
  1. Esther (first responder: Trevor, notetaker: Arani)
  1. Trevor (first responder: Haoyu, notetaker: Honglin)
  1. Honglin (first responder: Olivia, notetaker: Rebecca)
  1. Haoyu (first responder: Natashia, notetaker: Cindy)
  1. Olivia (first responder: Rebecca, notetaker: McKayla)

  1. Rebecca (first responder: McKayla, notetaker: Alicia)
  1. McKayla (first responder: Alicia, notetaker: Nico)
  1. Alicia (first responder: Nico, notetaker: Ellie)
  1. Nico (first responder: Ellie, notetaker: Simon)
  1. Demi (first responder: Esther, notetaker: Trevor)

Natashia, Shreya

Notetakers, take notes here:

Project URL:

-Wrap the page into a container that allows for better sizing when minimized to mobile mode.
-Consider the reasoning behind the organization of the videos: level of volume/movement.
-Idea turned a really interesting direction, nice!
Project URL:

-Felt very experiential/spatial
-Perhaps adding a visual element to indicate the intention behind some of the sounds on a black screen
-May be more effective when all three videos can be seen together or in quicker succession
Project URL: