Website Copy Worksheet

What life challenge(s) prompted you to start HM Marketing?
  • I was selling local TV advertising campaigns for Univision 19 in Sacramento. My clients were spending thousands of dollars per month on TV ads, and the majority of them had either no website, or really crappy ones. I saw a huge need in the market for small to mid size businesses needing online help. 

June 20, 2022

Email Explaining Website Writing Services to Good Juice

Hi Jonathan, hope you had a great Father's day! I'm happy to jump on a call to discuss this... 

Thanks for sending the Food Is Medicine link. Yes, that definitely helps me know what direction you want to go with the copywriting. 

Regarding the copywriting;

I’m happy to help create, revise and re-arrange the copy, and make it for each area of the website. But there are details I don't feel comfortable making up, such as the how and why you created Good Juice. It would be very helpful to get some copy from you on these topics.  

With the website focused on ecommerce, a lot of the homepage copy will be within the products. For that I’ll use your current product descriptions and ingredient lists. 

Along with the products, having copy that describes the ordering process is critical, which will be evolving as you get your space(s). Some of this copy is already at the top of the homepage: 

The supporting copy must build trust, establish your credibility and connect with your customer on a different level than just…. send me money, we will send you juice.

People want to know WHY you started your business. What makes you so passionate about wanting to get people to drink your juice? Did you have a health scare in your family? What happened that other people can relate too?

Here are list of questions to get the creative juices flowing: 

What life challenge(s) prompted you to start Good Juice? 

What problem(s) does Good Juice solve for your customers?

What do you wish people understood about what makes you valuable?

If you could describe the best client, what would they look like?

What’s your biggest frustration with your client or customer? What do you wish they knew?

What makes you different from your competitors?

Do you have a nonprofit that you support? If so, who are they and why did you choose them?

Emotions are important to purchasing products and services. When people see your logo and remember your company, how do you want them to feel?

Is there another business you admire? Why?

What words or phrases do you repeat?

Clean Juice Our Story

your story doesn't have to be long. Check out Clean Juices story page, it's not much content: