Webforce Connect - Donation 
Version  Manual

Webforce Connect – Donation allows us to accept online donations on our Wordpress Websites.

  • NPSP ( Salesforce Package )
  • ProntoGiving ( Salesforce Package )
  • ProntoPayments ( Salesforce Package )
  • PPAPI ( Salesforce Package )
  • Webforce Connect ( Salesforce Package )
  • Webforce Connect – Base ( Wordpress Plugin )
Installation and activation
  • We must ensure that Webforce Connect – Base is installed and activated.
  • We must ensure that WordPress is up-to-date because some functionalities in this plugin requires updated WordPress version. 

  1. Login to our WordPress Admin and make sure that our account has the capability to install the plugin.
  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  1. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top part of the screen.
  1. Upload the provided zip files.
  1. Activate the Webforce Connect – Base Plugin.
  1. Lastly, activate Webforce Connect – Donation Plugin.

Dashboard actions and configurations


Donation Settings

This contains the settings and configurations needed for the WFC — Donation Plugin.

  • General Tab
Contains Developer Tools and General Donation Settings
  1. Enable/Disable Debug Mode
  • → When set to ON all the developer fields shows up, on the front end form and on the admin dashboard donation details.

  1. Cron Sync Schedule
  • → This field sets the Syncing schedule of the Donation.

  • Donation Record Tab