Webex Guide


  1. Set up the meeting on webex/ 
  1. Log in to the meeting 15 min before scheduled start time 
  1. Mute all participants on entry (Participant → select Mute on entry)
  1. Inform all attendees that they will be muted on entry and thus, should un-mute themselves if they want to speak
  1. To unmute on Webex app, click on the microphone button
  1. To unmute on phone, press *6
  1. To unmute a specific person, right click on the person’s name on the Participants tab and select Unmute
  1. If one person is expected to lead the meeting make sure that you know which account that person is using. If that person is calling in then they will have an account name like Call-in User_12”. The best way to know which call in user that person is, is to check the main window on webex when that person talks. That user’s username will be at the top of the window.
  1. If people forget to unmute after speaking, or accidentally unmute, then if you know which account is the leader of the meeting, then you can mute all participants, and quickly unmute the account of the person leading the meeting.

  • DO NOT select Unmute All as it unmutes all participants of the meeting
  • If all participants have been unmuted, right click and mute all participants again.
  • See instruction above for how to quickly unmute the person speaking after you’ve muted everyone
  • In such a situation inform the meeting participants immediately by speaking that everyone except the leader of the meeting was unmuted and has been muted again


  1. Always ensure you’re on mute
  1. Mute both webex and the microphone on the device you are calling in from. If you are accidentally unmuted, you will not disturb the meeting if your device microphone was also muted
  1. If you must speak, raise your hand near your name on the Participant tab. When asked to speak, unmute yourself and speak. Please be sure to mute yourself once you’re done talking.
  1. *6 if dailing in from phone