Web Advanced: Mobile Design Syllabus (Fall 2019)
Parsons School for Design, Communication Design
Web Advanced: Mobile Design
PSAM 3210; CRN 4728, Section B
Fall 2019

Tuesdays, 9:00 to 11:40
6 East 16th Street
Nika S. Fisher

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Course Description                                        

This course is an interactive design course for students to develop projects within web and mobile design. Students will engage with a variety of mobile applications and evaluate their opinions on phone usage and the current digital landscape. Developing a point of view in design and applying it to a variety of digital executions will also be explored throughout the course.

The class is divided into three units:

1 – What is Responsive Design?
  •  Students learn responsive design basics and develop a workflow for digital projects.
2 – Screen Time
  •  Students reflect and analyze their usage of social media and screen time.
3 – Design in the World
  •  Students investigate how to bring their perspective to a variety of digital projects. Students
  •  will continue to reflect on the responsibility of a designer, and how design can make an      impact  in both popular culture and the world at large. 

Each section of the class explores the techniques needed to create a successful interactive project as well as combining art direction and design to present the work. While usability is of utmost importance, there is also an emphasis is on critical thinking, iterative design methodology, research, design production and presentation.

Course Goals                                        

  • To observe and analyze effectiveness of interfaces and design
  • To communicate a narrative through words, design, content, and presentations
  • To learn develop a digital project on a variety of screens
  • To continue to develop your own opinions, sensibilities and methodologies
  • To think through projects systematically and to be able to create a flexible system of communications ranging from websites, mobile applications and digital campaigns

Learning Outcomes                                        

By the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Effectively present and develop a digital project from start to finish
  • Develop a workflow that is flexible and well documented
  • Evaluate how graphic design, user experience and art direction can be combined to communicate a story.
  • Combine artistic creativity with technology
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of skills, methods, techniques and processes to realize interactive systems
  • Develop a strong vocabulary for communicating their thoughts and responding to critiques

Course Outline                                

Below is a general outline of the semester. For the most up-to-date information, please reference 🌈 our class site at: http://md.labud.nyc which is updated weekly! 🌈

Unit / Skillset
Project + Exercises