Weak Signals

1. Destroying Virtual Worlds

People mourning the shut down of online services and software…(and other things):

I'm going to show you this video about Dolby Axon a surround sound voice chat application for mac and pc. As you can see here, you could position different people around you and it would actually adjust the settings for your headphones so that it would actually sound like your friend was right in that position. How cool is that! Anyways it worked relatively well for some people, but was not successful enough for Dolby, an audio compression technologies company, to maintain. 

Dolby Axon Surround Sound Voice chat app

Star Wars Galaxies

Warcraft Online

WoW Custom Server - Shutdown by Blizzard

People do get upset about endings in other medium, but they don’t have any artifacts that are trace measures of that thing that no longer function (such as application executable, old hardware, etc.)

2. Complexity, Volume, Scale

High Frequency Trading

AI Black Box
Pitch Tar drop - Timescale

A Neighborhood in maps:

3. Reconstructive Neuroses 

“The american imagination demands the real thing…and to attain it must fabricate the absolute fake” - Umberto Eco

“Unlike wax museums in other countries, American wax museums try to reconstruct other worlds with a kind of maniacal, chilling attention to detail”
“when you see tom sawyer immediately after mozart, when you enter the cave of the planet of the apes after having just witnessed the sermon on the mount with jesus and the apostles, the logical distinction between real world and possible worlds has been definitively undermined. 

“spatial-temporal haze”