Wagtail Space 2019, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Talks, Teams, Topics and Tasks
Four Digits Office: +31 26 4422700
Office open from: 8:30

I like to work on / learn / do:

  • Get Wagtail development setup up and running
  • Headless Wagtail

It would be great if we made progress on:

Headless CMS @Tom D 

  • handling previews when Wagtail isn’t responsible for the front end (@mattwestcott is looking at this)
  • documentation about headless setups
  • a blog post
  • a headless component in the Bakery demo

Headless CMS + GatsbyJS @Dawn W 

  • documentation about headless with gatsby
  • gatsby API plugin from gatsby source custom API

Rich text – chat to @Thibaud C

  • Feature: Add ability to edit images and embeds in rich text editor #2674
  • Feature: Support for declaring language on elements in rich text #4694 
  • Feature: add more built-in rich text formats #4562 
  • Feature: make rich text soft line breaks configurable #4445
  • Bug: Rich text processing converts non-breaking spaces into normal spaces #4996 
  • Page edit view incorrectly reporting dirty rich text #4978 


  • Keyboard shortcut documentation for editor in the Wagtail UI #3949
  • Refactor page chooser into a react component #3038
  • On mobile, sticky footer hides critical parts of the UI #4641 @Coen v 
  • Bertrand’s StreamField design iterations – @Ben E


  • Making Wagtail Accessible for users with disabilities #4199

  • documentation on some practices and where we are now
  • some ways to check during development (Related: #4871)

Admin UI

  • Combining forms in the Account Preferences area into a single view


  • Django 2.2(beta) compatibility