🤔 WTF, TypeScript?


  • Karol Majewski
  • Engineer @unsplash
  • In complicated relationship with TypeScript for almost 3 years

What is this rant about

The problems when moving from JavaScript to TypeScript

  • JavaScript is a very unique language
  • TypeScript is advertised as "just JavaScript", but with types
  • Is it?

What they tell you

When you go to the documentation or the TypeScript Playground, what you see is this:

What you see

However, when you go and see a real-life application you might see something like this:


I didn’t ask for this!

TypeScript was sold to you as just JavaScript, but we see

  • New terminology to learn
  • New keywords
  • New, unfamiliar syntax
  • Many ways to achieve the same result
  • It's unclear what the best practices are


When you hit a wall you might wonder whether something is a bug in TypeScript or whether there is a way and you just don’t know about it.

But how do you find answers if you don’t know what to look for?


All the new terms