WA Masters Hockey Digital Communications Strategy

What and Why 

  1. Communicate information from the WA Masters Hockey Committee to stakeholders of Masters Hockey in WA specifically to make available 
  1. Selection policies and procedures for State masters teams, OFTs, players, medical staff etc.
  1. Contact information for the committee and others such as current OFTs
  1. Operations manuals for state teams such as Coach and Manager Manuals
  1. Committee Meeting minutes and action material
  1. Access to the process for requests exemptions in local competitions
  1. News items and announcements
  1. Allow the WA Masters Hockey Committee to create direct contact with our stakeholder base by
  1. Collecting information about the Masters Hockey playing community from individuals with their consent. 
  1. This need exists because HWA will not provide information to the committee on data data privacy grounds.   Since the committee is a part of HWA there is some question as to whether this is a correct interpretation of relevant state and federal legislation. However if the committee collects the information through the website with informed consent there is no ambiguity.   
  1. Registration will allow access to a wider range of functions not available to the general public.
  1. Careful consideration will be given to what data is collected.  For example  Do we need to  collect home addresses or phone numbers or even D.O.B.   For this purpose it maybe better to collect simple relatively public information such as name, Year of Birth, email address, clubs played for, competitions played in, any representative hockey details (Masters or otherwise), and coaching or other OFT experience, i.e. information that is useful but not generally used to identify individuals for security purposes.  Collect optional commercial information such as preferred brands of hockey clothing and equipment, retailers used etc to allow WAMHC to target sponsorship and messages.

  1. Easily elicit feedback from our stakeholders 
  1. without relying on 3rd parties to pass on the request, determine who should receive the request etc, many 3rd parties are far behind our plans and likely agility
  1. many of the younger Masters players are not seen as such by their clubs such as 035s and young O40s, who are often still playing Premier or Promotion club level hockey.
  1. Online Polls or other survey type communications

  1. A public calendar for Masters Hockey events
  1. It is important that we create and publish a forward calendar of Masters Hockey important events to allow better planning for our stakeholder

  1. Store and publish content from State teams
  1. Results
  1. Match reports
  1. Social information
  1. Photographs

  1. Store and publish content for Masters hockey local competition equivalent of State teams functionality

  1. Integration across a range of social media tools - Facebook, Twitter, Survey Monkey and YouTube

  1. Integration with Software as a Service tools - Dropbox, IMG Sports, Uniform Orders

  1. Provide links to key sites – HWA, HA, IMHA,, FIH, Clubs (provided they put a link back to us on their site 😃


The WA Masters Hockey community continue to use the Hockey WA web site as a primary entry point for players and other stakeholders.  We propose that this entry location will link to various Software as a Service (SaaS) locations  for announcements, policies, manuals, photographs, event calendar, surveys, polls and other content.

The services WA Masters will provide and/or consume include a Joomla based Content Management based website (www.wamastershockey.com), WA Masters Hockey Facebook, Twitter,  Survey Monkey and YouTube social media sites. 

These SaaS tools will provide the following services 
  • host the majority of our communications to and from the Masters Committee and our stakeholders 
  • State Teams results, photographs, videos and match reports - one Facebook page per team per year managed by the manager and/or their delegate(s) - e.g. WA Mens Masters O40s 2016.  Format and standards to be documented and added to the managers handbook.  Extracts from each site will be added to and linked from the Joomla Site and the WA Masters Facebook Page.
  • One Twitter account for Masters Committee Announcements - 
  • One Twitter account per state team.
  • Local competition updates, communications and results

Dropbox will be used  for collaboration by the committee and others in the development of policy  documents.