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(ARCHIVED - This group is no longer active.  This page is here for reference only) 

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ACESclip Requirements VWG Goals

This group is intended to address the following questions: 
  • What are the user requirements of ACESclip metadata?
  • Gather expectations and requirements from prospective users of ACESclip metadata. For example, there is currently a gap in how people can create and share a ‘look’ (e.g. LMT) from on-set through post, as well as how to archive an ACES project with an associated LMT or even essential info such as the ACES version or Output Transforms used. In essence, this will answer the “what should it do” and “what should it not do” questions.
  • What software or hardware should create, accept and/or process ACESclip metadata?
  • Explore which systems are responsible for the initial creation of ACESclip metadata, based on the requirements gathered above. The requirements above will also indicate what types of software or hardware will need to be able to read (or modify, if required) this metadata. Reach out to manufacturers in these areas to gauge the engineering effort required for implementation, and the form in which the metadata could be stored.

ACESclip Proponents

Below are the list of proponents for this work listed on the original proposal form:
  • Netflix
  • Universal Pictures
  • The Walt Disney Studios
  • Marvel Studios

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Background Documents

Proposal Form


VWG Deliverable Document


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