Photographer Glossary
To provide photographers with an easy reference point to the stock procedures or expectations for a gig.  For example, if a gig requwires lights, the photographer can look to the glossary to see what our standard procedure for lighting is.  If the photographer is doing real estate, they look to the glossary for expected equipment.

  • How do we ensure that a photographer doesn’t see additional lighting and headshots and think they get two bonuses and assume they don’t need 4x lights?  Not that anyone would assume that but these segments look like additions to one another.

Required Equipment:
Additional payout & breakdown:
Formatted text for Contractor Notes:

**IMPORTANT:** This shoot includes XXXX. More info about the requirements for XXXX can be found in our **[Photographer Glossary](XXXX)**

Additional lighting:

A client requests additional lighting, or Pretty Instant deems it necessary, when the space we’re shooting in has insufficient lighting or requires lighting to achieve a certain effect.  Our primary lighting setups only need a two point system(?) either to eliminate shadow, add consistency or depth to the images.  If further lighting is requested then the photographer will be notified separately.  

Required Equipment:

  • 2 x Strobes, Speedlights or high powered consistent lighting
  • Softboxes, flash umbrellas or diffusers of choice.

Additional payout & breakdown:

  • Extended 30 minute call time for lighting setup paid at standard hourly rate
  • +$25 rental fee for additional lighting (this will be added to your Payable account by Pretty Instant)

Formatted text for Contractor Notes:

**IMPORTANT:** This shoot includes Additional lighting. More info about the requirements for the lighting can be found in our **[Photographer Glossary](**

Summary Notes:

This shoot will require additional lighting.

Real Estate

  • For these shoots, the client is often looking for a mix of wide and medium focal length images which showcase the space. The photographer should be shooting at a high aperture, locked down on a tripod. This will help facilitate more mindful compositions, and ensure the entire space is tack sharp in the image. 

Required Equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Wide angle lens (between 17 & 24mm)

Contractor Notes for REX shoot:
**Photography Notes**  

- Shoot each room using a tripod in landscape orientation.  
- Shoot multiple exposures for the purpose of HDR imaging. One photo that's over exposed by one stop, one photo that is correctly exposed and a third photo that is underexposed by a stop. These images will give a full field of view when combined for the client in our editing process.  

Formatted text for Contractor Notes:

**IMPORTANT:** This is a Real Estate Shoot. More info about the equipment requirements for this type of shoot can be found in our **[Photographer Glossary](**

Summary Notes: 

This is a real estate shoot and will require a wide angle lens and tripod.


Our headshot sessions are based on a number of people plus a number of looks each person requires.  In order to optimize these sessions we calculate time based on each lighting change or “Look”.  If three people require two looks each, one professional shot indoors and the other outdoors, then in our consult with the client we will ask them to have each member present and ready to be photographed one at a time for each look.  By specifying this we can save time and capture all 3 members in one lighting scenario before moving to the next and completing the rest of the shoot.

Required Equipment: