Visual Verification Exercise & Resources
Designed by Corin Faife
WITNESS/MediaJustice workshop, November 2020


Everyone should try to work through these questions on their own computer, then share answers with the other members of your group to double check. (You can also share tips on the way – this is a good chance for more experienced misinformation researchers to advise others.)

The tools mentioned in the presentation are linked below the questions. There are three groups of questions, image search, video search and OSINT, and some extra challenges for anyone who finishes early.

You will have 30 minutes to work on the exercises, then we will regroup to share answers and process, discuss questions that came up, etc.

Exercise questions:

Image search:
  • Protest-1 image: Where & when was this photo taken?
  • Protest-2: Where & when was this image taken? What is the context?
  • Protest-3: When and where was this image taken? What does it show Can you find the full video? 
  • Bonus question: What mode of transport is associated with this city?

Video search (InVid):

OSINT practice:
  • Watch Video-1 closely. Where are these people? (It should be possible to answer with an exact pin on Google Maps.) What’s the date and the context?
  • Hint: Look – and listen – for as many clues as you can in the video!

  • Try out using Twitter search operators to find visual media from your local area relating to a topic you’re interested in (& optionally try to verify / geolocate)
  • Test yourself on some OSINT challenges from the @Quiztime Twitter account



Reverse Image Search

Reverse Video Search

General resources: