Viktor Suszter – Resume/CV
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I’m working in the digital and printed world for more than 10 years. I see and serve design as a complex unity and believe in a letter and writing, as a form of the most important information channel. With proper typography and a combination with a design system, it creates one of the highest efficient forms of communication. In UX processes I prove my concepts with prototypes, conducted interviews and tests.

I’m a founder of the DMN Designers Movie Nights: One Designer, One Movie, One Evening initiative and a co-founder of the Eastern Design Conference. Teaching digital/web design & magazine typography with Webflow at Metropolitan University Budapest (METU) and KREA Budapest, Hungary.

Worked with and for Hungarian Heritage House, Ericsson, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Prezi, T-Mobile USA, Corvinus University Budapest, Ustream (IBM), Readers Digest among others.

I’m Lead82 long-term partner and co-thinker.

I’m German Design (2019, 2015), ADC New York (2013, 2014), ISTD (2014), Red Dot Design (2014) awarded designer too.

Besides my professional life I living the Life with my Family. Drawing, painting and playing with my two smallest daughters, hiking and walking here and there, commuting every day with my beloved steel bicycle, ice skating with my family and playing ice hockey from October till the end of April.

  • Melweg Digital - Working as a senior digital designer mainly on digital products: SAAS products, websites and applications for small and big clients. Digital branding and redesign is a second big part of my daily tasks.
  • Founder of the Serifmag (WIP), a digital magazine about Hungarian typography, typographers and educational library for young typographers.
  • Co-founder of the Eastern Design Conference, Košice, Slovakia. At Eastern, we explore relationship between business and design where we will showcase local projects with global impact from Western and Eastern point of views.
  • Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) – There I worked as a senior ux/product/interaction designer in  EEA team on a software product that improve customer experiences and drive new development with a real-time, end-to-end big data analytics and visualisation solutions. This solution offers unique insights and closed-loop actions. This product today is a leader on the market and bought by the largest operators like TMO-US Seattle or Vodafone Global Group.
  • Ergomania – I worked as a senior UX/UI Designer for biggest Hungarian finantial/fintech institutes (Erste Bank, NHB Bank, Genertel), and for well known buyandsell platform. My last project at Ergomania was for Hungarian Heritage House – Folklore databaze website UX re-think and optimalization. Besides my everyday tasks I worked on a special internal flow development, a unique design and deploy system which combines a design system approach + version control = safe, fast, robust and easy to deploy system for the company and for clients too. 
  • Prezi – senior graphic/brand/visual/product designer /2013–2016/
  • At prezi I started with font legalisation/consolidation project, after that I worked few months on Template and Theme design and experiments (Vol 01.) for prezi Core (current, flash based prezi). In between I branded the internal Hi! – House of Ideas, ReDefine conference and PreziPowerWeek 2014 identity. In January 2014 I started to work with team on the development of a new brand/identity system for prezi, this work was achieved by the creation of a Prezi Brand Design Guideline, and colleagues will follow up with a Product Design Guideline and Web Design Guideline.  Last 7 months I’m worked in the product team preparing the next version of the prezi as Template designer – in theory, hypothesis, experiments, tests and improvement cycles. Besides that I worked on implementations of the coherent brand design across all media channels.
  • Side projects:
  • Typeface redesign: modification of the Raleway typeface into the Raleway Prezi used on a – improving readability.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Budapest /2006–2013/
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Landscape Architecture /2006–2013/
      4D quarterly journal and books – graphic design, typography.  
  • Lead82 – long term cooperative partner, co-thinker – typographer, graphic designer, brand designer 
  • Reader’s Digest Hungary /2003–2006/– typographer

  • Webdesign and Digital Magazine Typography with Webflow at Metropolitan University Budapest
  • Webdesign with Webflow teacher at KREA Budapest