Vialogues: “This Is Water”
Everyone has a choice on how to live their life the question is how do you want to live it ?? 
kendra hayes|11 hours ago||

I want to live a happy and comfortable life, with a career I enjoy. I still want to be able to enjoy life within itself. 

Tradesha Chatman|8 hours ago|
I would want to work at a job I am passionate about other than working at a job that pays well and I would be miserable the whole time. 
kendra hayes|11 hours ago||
Why don't they know what water is? 
MODTerry Elliott|2 days ago|||
They don't know what water is because they can't see it to know what it is. Water to fish is what air is to humans. 
kaliesha ohara|a day ago|
The two fish are blinded about what is going on in the world, however they focus on whats going on in their lives.  
Dwayne Hamilton|11 hours ago|
Maybe they refer to it as air because it is their air..? 
Adriana Qehaja|6 hours ago|
The fish don't know what water is because they are focused on other things and happenings going on throughout their daily life. As foster says the most obvious realities are hardest to see and talk about. But what the fish should really be asking is what the hell are …  Read More
Zaharia McGee|6 hours ago|
How come they don't know what water is ? 
Armani Adams|10 hours ago||
why are the most obvious important realities the ones that are hardest to see and talk about? 
emily roberts|2 days ago||
in some cases, you have to live and learn from what you experience.  
Austin Hayes|a day ago|
I believe people naturally just don’t talk about the hard realities because it is hard to face the most stressful and frustrating things in life.  
sadie taylor|a day ago|
You raise the question, so what do you think? 
MODTerry Elliott|18 hours ago||
Nobody wants to bring attention to the negatives in life so therefore we often forget they're still there. 
Kip Jackson|11 hours ago|
They are often the hardest to see and talk about because society loves to only talk about happiness and success and deem the frustrations of a dull life unheard of and to sad to talk about. Why do you think we as a society promote happiness instead of preparing …  Read More
Zaharia McGee|6 hours ago|
How is it that the most obvious realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about in life? 
Taylor Bushong|11 hours ago||
The most hardest realities are the obvious ones.  
Adriana Qehaja|6 hours ago|
why is it that the most important realities in life are the hardest for people to talk about the most? 
Amy Pokorny|11 hours ago||
we live in a world where being real or living real isn't in "style" or " popular" anymore everyone wants to put on this mask to hide their true colors from the world because being their own person or being real and facing their own problems isn't what they think the …  Read More
Asani Howard|10 hours ago|