Vested Digital banking

The Overview
Vested is a digital banking mobile app. The core idea of the product is to have one solution app for young couples and individuals allowing them to plan for their future and collaboratively manage their finances. Let say a revolut for Nigeria. 

UX Strategy, UI design, User Research. Product Designer (lead)

The company is focused on the micro finance industry and they thought of shaping the landscape of the financial space in Nigeria. Approaching me as a consultant they wanted to find a way of bringing the experience of all the digital financial products into one platform just like revolut. Their core proposition makes more, spend less, achieve financial freedom. Validate product assumptions, understand the user journey, prioritize what features to build.

Process Flow
The Solution

I facilitated a two-day brainstorming workshop exercise.

I ran a workshop to gather all the requirement from all the stakeholders involved in the projects and to align everyone the expectations and get a sign off after the workshop. Assumptions were organized into a table for further validation with user interviews.

Research and strategy

Together with the in house product team to come up with the questions to ask to validate our assumptions based on the brainstorming sessions. 
Based on the interview we discovered from the interviews I worked with a junior designer to cluster our results.

Competitive Analysis

Redefining the solution

We collaboratively redefined the kind of problem we wanted to tackle:
  • How might we allow couples to collaborate and plan family finances on our platform?
  • How might we create a planning template for couples in different life stages (e.g. engaged couples, young couples and older couples)? 
  • How might we create awareness for couples about the benefits of budgeting? 

Facilitated another workshop to answer these questions using the general phase methodology of understanding, observation, Ideas, Decide. 

Design & Implementation

Start Point

Wireframes & Flow chart