Using Keys and Shortcuts in Connecter
Updated September 29th, 2021
This document does not list “common sense” shortcuts (e.g. F2, Ctrl+A for “select all”, etc.)

Connecter desktop app

  1. Contextual search options: Hover cursor over the Folders panel, Tags panel, or assets view and then use Ctrl+F (video);
  1. Shortcuts in Assets View:
  • Shift + drag (on asset hover) to select multiple assets;
  • Preview Asset/Selection: Enter;
  • Interactive Preview; play animation: Space;
  • Tags: Ctrl+T (video);
  • Open: Ctrl+O;
  • Add Preview: Ctrl+P;
  • Copy/Paste Connecter Path: Ctrl+Shift+C / Ctrl+Shift+V (video);
  • Manage External Files: Ctrl+E;
  • Isolate Selection: Ctrl+I;
  • Tile Image: Shift+T; 
  • Compare Images: Ctrl+Enter;
  • Navigating to folder (after Copy path context command or copy path in Explorer or other): Ctrl+Shift+V;
  • Change assets’ thumbnail size: Ctrl+scroll wheel;
  • Filtering assets by type: Ctrl+click on a type (e.g. 3d models, Materials, etc.) to make only that filter active. Next Ctrl+click on the same type makes all types active. Same interaction works when filtering file formats in the respective asset type’s dropdown. 
  • Undo assets selection: Ctrl+Shift+ Z. 
  • Batch Rename Assets (after selecting at least two): Ctrl + R.
  1. Shortcuts in Lightbox:
  • Close Lightbox: Enter; Escape;
  • Next / Previous Asset: Right / Left arrows;
  • Next / Previous Asset (same type): Shift+Right / Left arrows; 
  • Next / Previous Asset’s preview: Ctrl+Right / Left arrows;
  • Tile Image tool: Shit+T;
  • Fullscreen mode on/off: F; Escape (off).
  1. Tile Image:
  • Show Grid on/off: G;
  • change X tiling: Ctrl + Right / Left arrows;
  • change Y tiling: Ctrl + Up / Down arrows;
  • Fullscreen mode on/off: F.
  1. Video Player:
  • Play / Pause: K;
  • Fullscreen mode on/off: F;
  1. Filter single asset type: Ctrl+click (video).
  1. Undo / Redo operation: Ctrl+Z / Ctrtl+Y.
  1. Enter / Exit folders multi-select mode when mouse is over folders panel: Ctrl+S.

3ds Max integration

  • Skip the Merge menu: Hold Ctrl while dropping (video)
  • Rotate by 90° clockwise: Ctrl (video);
  • Rotate by 45° clockwise: Hold Shift + click Ctrl;
  • Align to selected surface: Click Alt + point at surface + click left mouse button;
  • Switch the aligned surface: Hold Shift;
  • Cancel: ESC.