Macro BGIE Exhibits
This folder contains excel files with up-to-date data in a standard BGIE format for every country. They are updated every few days using an automated script that downloads and processes the data from the World Bank and IMF. 

Download options

  • Download excel files individually below. Find the one you want and click on the “…” to the right of each file to see the download option. 
  • Download all files by clicking on one “down arrow” icon at the  right of the folder’s title, or the link below the folder. 

Balance of Payments 

  • Source: IMF (all countries) and BEA (US bilaterals). 
  • Units:  Millions of USD
  • BOP files are balance of payments in “standard presentation” 
  • Uses BMP6 : CA + Capital Account - FA + EO = 0
  • The capital account is in a separate line, following standard IMF presentation.
  • The “Change in Reserves” is inside the Financial Account, following the current standard IMF presentation. 
  • Country names that cannot be automatically standardized have the original iso2 or iso3 code in the file name. 
  • The US-BOP-Bilaterals subfolder (scroll down to the end) has bilateral BOPs between the US and other important trading partners. This data comes from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Errors and omissions tend to be large because the bilateral financial account is harder to measure (BEA calls this line the “statistical discrepancy”)

Download everything in a zip file:

Macro Data - GUIDES

  • ”GUIDES” format includes national accounts and other standard macro variables.
  • Data from 1970 (if available) to the most recent year
  • Source: World Bank & IMF Fiscal Monitor (Overall and Primary Fiscal Balance)
  • US data: In the world bank / IMF definition, Investment = Gross Capital Formation and it includes investments done by the government. In the US, the BEA puts the government investment into G. So if comparing WB and BEA shares for I and G, the WB data will show more I and less G.  If you prefer to use the BEA methodology for the US, see their data here

Download everything in a zip file:

Additional GUIDES variables from IMF (more up-to-date in some cases)