THICC films are 3D-printed out of PLA plastic. They measure \sim0.22mm and are about .03-07mm thicker than TX films (.15mm). If you'd like thinner film I can also print resized films that are similar to TX, but I found THICC films to work better as it creates a tighter fit, leading to a more consistent and clackier tone. If you do want the resized film, my films are still slightly thicker than TX films and provide an even better fit for switches like creams. The film doesn't have the bar on the lower side like with other films as the switch housings don't make contact there anyway, especially with thicker film. Be warned that THICC films may not fit your switches, so please check compatibility within the 14-day return window or order resized films. Worldwide shipping. Orders ship out the next business day via USPS first class mail. Shipping estimates are 3-4 business days for the contiguous US and 7-21 business days internationally.

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14-day money back guarantee! 


man thicc films really do help with everglides sounding better by metric ton"

Yo. Thicc films. I'm stoked on them. They work better than TX films for Durock switches, plus they fit better... tx films cause binding or drag if the top of the film isnt pulled out the front of the switch for my everglides. Thank you!!!!! Switches sound so much better. They sound deeper, more crisp and whole sounding.”

Hey Jinra, got your ThiccFilms 2 days ago -- working awesome on some everglides. Thanks again for the great product gonna recommend to my buddies. Cheers"

THICC film vs filmless

THICC Films vs TX Films

Personal theory and consensus: THICC films provide more pressure on the upper and lower housing which cause the housing to have a crisper pitch, but at the same time, creating more a clearer THOCC. This is most definitely personal preference, so it’s up to you which you like more!


  1. Place the film on the housing top past the housing clips (should sort of “snap” into place)
  1. Place the housing top on the housing bottom and and place your thumb and index fingers on the east/west sides of the housing top and the north/south sides of the housing bottom as shown
  1. Push the switch down while using your fingers to align the films as you go down. For reference, you should only see a small sliver of film past the housing top when you go down for perfect alignment.

Installation Notes

A proper installation should have the film sitting flush, or have an even amount of exposed film, on both the north and south sides of the switch. If the film is sitting out too much one way or the other, simply open the switch and realign (no need to take the housing top off, just detach the clip from the bottom housing). See below on fitting guidelines.


Please be gentle with the film as it's a very thin film of PLA plastic. PLA is pretty durable and likely won't break, but you may deform if it’s installed improperly. Even if deformed, it should still work properly. I've included extra film in your order in case any are/get damaged. You also have a 14 day (from date of receipt) money back guarantee, so if you're not satisfied for whatever reason, simply mail it back to me and I will refund you.


“I’m having issues aligning the film properly”
  • Be sure to use your thumb and index finger to guide the film in position while snapping on the housing top. If the film is off-center after the snap, simply open the switch, but do not take off the top housing. Re-adjust the film with your fingers and snap the top housing back down.
“My film seems like it’s missing a little bit of material, is it okay to use?”
  • Sometimes printing artifacts appear during the print. If you encounter any films such as these, they’re usually fine to use, but sometimes will have a thick bit of plastic on it, go ahead and toss it; I’ve also included a number of extra film for cases like this.
“What are these little hairs on the film?”
  • There may be very fine “hairs” on some of the films which are completely normal and is a byproduct of 3D printing. The hairs will often chain together multiple films. Simply rip the hairs off with your fingers, just be careful not to rip the film itself.
“The legs on the top housing top don’t seem to close all the way”
  • This is normal for some switches with thicc films (and even resized films in certain switches) The switch will function as normal and will not be damaged from this. Just be very careful inserting the switch into the plate (see next FAQ below)
“I can’t seem to get my switch into the plate”
  • Since tolerance of each film can vary slightly. Sometimes the film will be too thick in a certain area causing the switch top housing legs to not fully snap in. To fix this try the methods below
  • opening and realigning the film
  • checking the film for any printing artifacts that may cause it to sit higher than the others