Week 8 – Getting a URL for your project

Uploading your work to Github


  • Are all of your images/videos/assets as small as possible? Aim for less than 5mb.
  • Is your site working locally?
  • Are all of your file names lowercase without any spaces?

If yes then move on, if no fix it!

Step 1

Sign up for a free a github account and verify your e-mail address.

Step 2

Create a new repository by navigating to “repositories” and then pressing “New”
Name your repository the name of your project and remember:

  1. All lowercase
  1. No spaces

Step 3

Drag your index.html and your assets folder into this screen (or select “choose your files”).

Write a short commit message, for example “First commit”

Step 4 – Getting a URL/Activating GitHub Pages

Navigate to “Settings” in your repository

Scroll down to where it says “GitHub pages”

Change the source to your master branch from the dropdown

It will give you a URL that should point you to your index.html file!