Unreadit - Press Kit

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What is Unreadit?

Unreadit sends you weekly emails with the best Reddit links and posts about a variety of popular topics. If you’re tired of spending hours on Reddit, and you want to make sure to be on top of your game, these weekly newsletters will give you the best tool to stay up-to-date on your interests.

We developed a custom algorithm that surfaces the very best content, even from niche subreddits, and generates weekly newsletters. Each newsletters has many subreddits what we manually picked as sources. We review and tweak each issue to make sure the quality is always top-notch.

Why Unreadit?

We love Reddit, and we spent many hours per week browsing it, yet we always felt like we miss great content, especially from niche subreddits. Even in popular subreddits, compelling reads and interesting links are often buried by memes, GIFs and cute animals. 

That’s why we had the idea of creating weekly newsletters that gather the best Reddit content of the week from selected subreddits. A custom algorithm we developed and constantly improve allows niche content from smaller subreddits to make it into the newsletters; we then filter out memes, crossposts and unrelevant content to make sure each issue is something we’d love to read to start our day, or to relax before going to sleep.


  • Launched: February 2019
  • Bootstrapped by two indie makers


  • Francesco Di Lorenzo: Co-Founder, Developer (Twitter)
  • Fabrizio Rinaldi: Co-Founder, Designer (Twitter)