UX Plan Template
= Request for a design deliverable (wireframe or visual comp).
= Request for brand design support.
📝 = Request for copy support (add inline or build a separate deck).
📈 = Request a data tracking need.
🛠️ = Flagged for Quality Assurance (QA) testing purposes.


Last Update: 00/00/00 YourName
Asana Task: Insert task link(s)
UX Deliverables: Insert link(s) here
User Stories: List out core users that we expect to complete tasks or goals in this product experience.
[1] As a (user), I ____.
[2] As a (user), I ____.


1. Page State

a. User State 

Page Type: Insert here
User Types: Insert here
User States: Insert here
User Flows: (Prev) Insert here | (Next) Insert here
Devices: Insert here
Reference: Insert here
  • Content States:
  • Content Features go at this level
  • Content Elements go at this level…
  • (Icon) Dollar Bill
  • 📝 (H1) “Lorem Ipsum Dolor”
  • 📈 [“Click Here→”] button
  • Content Interactions go at this level
  • On Hover — Change background color from 
  • On Click — Change background color to #000000. Open [x] page in a new browser window.
  • Notes go at this level…
  • 📝 (body copy) Lorem ipsum dolor amet…” 
  • Another Content Feature