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The American workforce is evolving—the average employee switches jobs 11 times throughout their career. Every time they switch, their retirement savings are put at risk. It is common for Americans to have 3 abandoned retirement accounts. Even worse, many Americans cash out their old balances, losing their savings to taxes and fees, and keeping their nest egg from growing. An estimated $2T in retirement savings has been cashed out over the last 10 years. 

At Manifest, it’s our mission to maximize retirement outcomes and make 401(k) transfers seamless. Transferring today is so tedious that 89% of people who start the process don’t finish. Our team is building the first ever digital transfer solution for retirement accounts so employers can help their participants consolidate their savings

Our teammates thoughtfully made the decision to join Manifest. They can get almost any positionyet they choose to work here! When coming up with a framework for their decision, Tim Ferriss suggests weighing the following three categories when choosing to join a company:

Maximize Your Impact

Currently, the median retirement balance in America is zero. 

As people continue aging, healthcare costs rise, and social security payouts are at risk, it’s getting even more important that people save for retirement. Before starting Manifest, we learned from 2,500 people as they switched jobs and learned that the problem is systemic. 

Transferring today using pen, paper, phone calls, and fax machines is so difficult, vast majority of people cash out or leave their accounts behind. 60% of accounts with less than $15,000 are cashed out. 80% of those individuals do so for non-emergency reasons and regret their decision after a year. Those who choose to simply leave their accounts behind, do so because of lack of information or enough time to complete the up to 60-day transfer process.

We believe their is a huge opportunity to leverage technology to tackle these systemic problems so people can keep their hard-earned savings. While we invent the future of retirement, everyone on our team builds with exposure to our users - it’s one of our core values!

Equitable Compensation  

Working at a startup has tradeoffs. It’s important to recognize the power of frugality at our size, but also the value of talented teammates. 

Manifest was started by Anuraag (CEO) and Meenakshi (CTO). This is Anuraag’s third startup, and his second in the 401(k) industry. Meenakshi built the brokerage transfer systems at Goldman Sachs. She has been building enterprise software solutions for over 12 years. Both of them are complemented by an amazingly talented team.

Being backed by some of the brightest investors helps to ensure our team has the resources to achieve our mission, while also compensating everyone, and offering some basic benefits. We are committed to building a healthy work environment and ensuring everyone participates in our growth.

Optimize for Personal and Professional Growth 

Manifest is shaping the future of retirement in America by building the first ever digital transfer solution. We started by helping a 22,000 person employer to consolidate their employee’s retirement accounts, and partnering with Washington University’s renowned social impact department to measure our results. 

Our company is poised to help millions of Americans keep their retirement savings growing while cutting over $2.5B lost in revenue by providers from inefficient transfers.

Joining Manifest means tackling some exciting challenges with real-world implications. Each week we reflect on our team’s contributions, and it’s easy to see how much growth comes from tackling a meaningful problem together. 


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