Typing Summit Schedule


  • This is tentative and fluid. Things can change until the last moment.
  • This is very informal — we should allow ample time for unplanned discussion. But we 
  • should also make sure everyone who asked to speak gets a chance.
  • Times are just for the talks — discussion will stretch each topic significantly.
  • A/V for this summit is sponsored by Dropbox.

Tools and checkers — 55 minutes

  • Michael Sullivan (20 min): mypyc (a Python-to-C compiler)
  • Shannon Zhu (10 min): How Pyre + Facebook approaches strictification
  • What options we offer to users and what guarantees we're aiming for, how we're driving adoption
  • Plus discussion about how other typecheckers and companies are approaching the same issue
  • Sinan Cepel (15 min): The Unexpected Benefits of Types at Scale
  • In addition to catching bugs before running your code and providing excellent documentation for APIs, there's subtler benefits of typing your code. At Facebook, we've benefited immensely from second order effects of type checking that might not be obvious, such as the ability to write type-safe frameworks that make our code bases more secure. I'll be going over how these effects have affected our thinking about type checking.

Typeshed and stubs — 40 minutes

  • Jelle Zijlstra (10 min): The future of typeshed
  • Discussion of different models on what to include in typeshed in the future and how to distribute it

Type system design — 60 minutes