Type III: Week Three


  1. Recap twitter lecture
  1. Petr Van Blockland on tools. (Video)
  1. More on designers and code (Linked by Air)
  1. Ways to think about database projects
  1. Model, Calculate, Display
  1. Browsing vs. Searching
  1. Sorting vs. Filtering
  1. Meet in small groups to discuss your designs


Practice assignment two

In the next week, make a flyer promoting an event, that sells something, or is seeking a lost pet, etc. This second of three review assignments gets at some of the principles of your first two semesters: display type, typographic voice, type choices, and more. Size should be 11x17, may be color or black and white. Bring in one printout next week and a picture of it in “the wild”.

You should revise your driver’s license project and be willing to share it by mid-semester, when your three practice assignments conclude.


For Next Week

Build out key templates in Sketch. Make multiple artboards for certain designs if desirable. Be prepared to share them with your peers as if sharing with a client, art director, etc.