Type III: Week Ten

Plan for the Day

  1. Hammett Nurosi lecture in DC 212 at 1:10p
  1. Booklet distribution
  1. Work in your tables of 3 or 4 people. When not meeting with John, do the following:
  1. Everyone choose two books in the Swiss Books exhibit. Present to your tablemates (down in the Commons) how you think the designer arrived at the book form? How do typographic and spatial designs inform the design.
  1. Look at books John brought in
  1. Discuss booklet designs
  1. John will sit in small groups to hear and advise on books and identity.


Due Nov 16: Trip to Providence Public Library Special Collections
  • 🦃
Due Nov 30: Revisions to above

Monday, Dec 11, 10am–3p
  • Final review with all work from semester digitally available and exhibition project on view


For next week


November 16 is the last class before Thanksgiving break. I want you to present your typographic system in progress to the class. Show us what typeface you’re using, how the title and subtitle of the show appear on the wall and in the book. Show spreads from your book and your rationale.