Type III: Week Nine

Plan for the Day

  1. James Goggin lecture in DC 212 at 1:10p
  1. Share progress in small groups
  1. Meet with John about booklet
  1. Read essay on branding and discuss with your group
  1. Look at additional book models and exhibit in GD Commons



Nov 02 
  • Present research, initial sketches for mark, identity and system

Nov 09
  • Present book models, initial designs for book; progress with mark

Due Nov 16: Presentation of progress
  • 🦃
Due Nov 30: Revisions to above

Monday, Dec 11, 10am–3p
  • Final review with all work from semester digitally available and exhibition project on view


For next week

Book mockups

Present designs for the cover, chapter openers and chapter text. Use the essay (to typeset) and Images provided. 

Read two essays from the Form of the Book Book. Every book starts with an idea,” by Armand Mevis and The Matta-Clark Complex…,” by James Goggin.

Bring in a book and/or make a book model to demonstrate the scale and context of your designs.


Wikipedia Booklet

Make 16 copies of your booklet for next week.