Type III: Week Five

Plan for the Day

  1. A bit more about the 11x17 posters
  1. Confirm Driver’s License uploads
  1. OOH interface group critique
  1. Lucy on Poetry in Motion project
  1. Discuss assignment

Submit OOH by next class Oct 12

Make any changes to your OOH project and submit with project brief (your goals, your organizational concepts, etc) as a zip with Sketch and pdf by next week’s class. Submit to Slack in the “ooh_final” channel.


Poetry in Motion: Part 1

Lucinda Hitchcock will join us to talk about the Poetry in Motion project begun by Poet Laureate of Rhode Island Tina Cane. You will hear how Lucy came up with the identity for the project and get a chance to ask her questions. Your assignment for next week is to put the logo into motion. Create either a frame by frame animated gif or a movie in After Effects. The animation should be short. The animated gif working in an email, instagram or other looping capacity. The movie version would appear as a loading screen on an app or at the beginning of the poem itself, or on TV, etc. Two seconds is a good maximum. 640x480 is a good size, although if you can keep your artwork vector that is ideal.
Due next week

Poetry in Motion: Part 2 

Choose a poem to animate. If you don’t know where to start, check out The Poetry Foundation and The Writer’s Almanac. Choose a relatively short poem — one that lends itself to motion. The site of the poem will be on vertical monitors on city busses. The screens hold various types of content. Ride the bus and see the current selection. Although the current platform does not support motion, this assignment asks you to incorporate motion in some capacity. One minute is the maximum amount of time allowable. 720 × 1280 pixels


Due Oct 12: Bring in three poems that interest you to run by the group
Due Oct 19: Version 1 of poem
Due Oct 26: Final version of poem