Type III: Week Eleven

Plan for the Day

Project progress / Identity / Book solutions


Thu, Nov 30

Book design

Printed blad showing a minimum from the below, but as much as is need to show off your book design. I would suggest stapling this, but could also bind in another way (sewn, etc). Bring in a model of an existing book (or show your cover on an existing book) as reference for binding, etc.
  • Cover
  • Chapter opener and spreads (4-6 spreads). Should include images (unless design dictates otherwise) and footnotes (as opposed to endnotes).
  • Index


Show how you plan to treat the show identity. There has been some movement towards “Gorham Silver” as the larger text with “Designing Innovation: etc” as the smaller text. I am open to this. The wordmark design should consider its application. Meaning, what is the animated version for instagram? How might it appear in the Museum (in what material)?

Wall treatments

Show the exhibition identity in situ using the templates the Museum provided. Show supporting wall text. Take some text from the curator’s proposal to accomplish this.

Video intros

Create the typographic opener to demo videos that will appear at the start of videos in the exhibit. The content should include a the Gorham identity (could be color, type, alignment, etc, not only “logo”) and text that has the title of the video and a subhead. Imagine the videos in the exhibit are people talking about manufacturing conditions. Here is a sample from another exhibit

Video advertisement

Promote the exhibition with a 15 second video advert at 1280x720.

Backlist posters

Create the vertical backlit poster for the South Main Street side of the Museum. Here is the template.


Make a billboard for I-95. It should include RISD Museum branding. Here is a previous one.

Mon, Dec 11, 10a—3pm

We’ll review all of the above on December 11th. We will talk about how to best present the work… we should see actual size wall type and more elements.