Type III: Week Eight

Plan for the Day

  1. Poetry in Motion critique
  1. Discuss final assignment
  1. RISD Museum visit

Review Poetry in Motion work

AirDrop your Poetry in Motion files to the designated laptop for viewing by the class. 

Exhibition Identity and Collateral

In this culminating assignment in the typography sequence, you’re being asked to apply all that you have learned so far. Typography is abstract form that is legible. Typography is no longer simply fixed on a static page, but it is spatial, dynamic and fluid. For this assignment, you will work on a future RISD Museum exhibition. Museum exhibitions communicate curatorial and institutional objectives through multiple design channels: walls, books, signs, online and in advertising venues. 

The exhibition you will be designing is about the Gorham Silver Company. Elizabeth Williams, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the RISD Museum, has been organizing the exhibition for a few years now. Your work will take advantage of this research and her planning so far. Although an exhibition is being prepared for 2018, this assignment will remain in the academic context. You should push your ideas as far as possible without the presence of ‘the client’ or real-world deadlines.  


  • Typographically driven mark
  • Wall treatment
  • Publication blad (section of book, key pages); with models
  • Animated gif for Instagram
  • Animated single screen for Museum monitor
  • Single page website featuring event promotion



Oct 26: Presentation of materials by the RISD Museum (3:30pm)

Nov 02 
  • Lecture by James Goggin on exhibitions
  • Present research, initial sketches for mark, identity and system

Nov 09
  • Present book models, initial designs for book; progress with mark

Due Nov 16: Presentation of progress
  • 🦃
Due Nov 30: Revisions to above

Monday, Dec 11, 10am–3p
  • Final review with all work from semester digitally available and exhibition project on view

For next week: Present Research

You simply have to jump in. The first week of this project should involve a deep engagement with the curatorial statement, the exhibition objects, historical design artifacts and the context in which the work will end up (the institution). Spend time in the Museum. Spend time looking at historical and contemporary design materials that can inspire your work. Because Gorham was based in Providence, there are a myriad of places that have artifacts produced by and about the company. You may find inspiration in catalogs, advertisements, phone books, office letterhead, etc. The following locations would be valuable to check out:
  • Providence Public Library
  • RISD Special Collections
  • Providence Athenaeum